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We're here for the party!

At Pooch Cake and Pooch Creamery we love dogs and believe that they are part of the family. We also believe that they deserve a celebration like everyone else. So, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, “gotcha day” or a random Tuesday in July, make sure to invite Pooch Cake and Pooch Creamery
Our dog cake and ice cream mixes are made from all-natural, simple ingredients and are manufactured right here in the USA. Each treat has been specially formulated for your dog’s digestion and is made of human-grade ingredients, so go ahead and try a bite. (Just don’t eat the whole thing, that would not be a good idea.)
Not a baking wiz? No problem! Our cake mixes come together in minutes and require just oil, water, and an egg. All that’s left to do is to bake the treat in the oven or even in the microwave! To make our delicious doggy ice cream, just add water, mix, and freeze. In about 8 hours, you’ll have ice cream that is specifically designed for your dog to enjoy. The best part of all is that our ice creams are shelf-stable before they are prepared; no need for freezing until you’re ready to give your dog a treat.
We are always growing and testing out new flavors and products. With cake mixes, ice cream mixes, and even holiday products, you’re sure to find the perfect treat for your pup’s next celebration. We look forward to celebrating with you.



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